Meet the Radical Philosopher Who Inspired the New Left

A new graphic biography takes a freewheeling ride through the life and times of Herbert Marcuse, including his influential book “One-Dimensional Man.”

Herbert Marcuse, wary of authoritarianism, inspired the young New Left of the 1960s with the publication of his influential One-Dimensional Man. In the new graphic biography of Marcuse, cartoonist Nick Thorkelson explores the life and work of “the Philosopher of Utopia”—with imagination and a spirit of rebellious freedom.



Excerpt of Chapter 5 from Herbert Marcuse, Philosopher of Utopia: A Graphic Biography. Copyright © 2019 by Nick Thorkelson. Edited by Paul Buhle and Andrew T. Lamas, with a foreword by Angela Y. Davis. Reprinted with the permission of City Lights Books. 

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