A Portlandia Sendup of Tiny House Living

Portlandia’s Kumail Nanjiani tours a tiny house and asks some of the questions on everybody’s mind.

In the video series "Kumail Tours Portland," Kumail Nanjiani takes a look at the real city behind the hit comedy TV show. In the sketch above, he visited a tiny house, had a look around, and asked the owner a few questions.

"I like the idea of seeing how simple, how small it could be," the owner says.

The idea of tiny houses have long been a favorite in the pages of YES!, where we've talked about them as a way to live more cheaply, sustainably, and simply. But how would the tiny house movement come off on TV?

Pretty well, it turns out. Kumail gets a few laughs at the owner’s expense and the scene in general is “very Portland,” but the tiny house itself looks clean, beautiful, and livable.