Religion, Science, and Spirit: A Guide for Personal Reflection and Conversation

This discussion guide is intended to accompany David Korten's essay, "Religion, Science, Spirit: A Sacred Story for Our Time."

We encourage you to reflect on the themes of the essay and their implications and to then invite a few friends into the conversation by sharing the essay and hosting a conversation in your home. Here are some suggested questions to consider:

1. Your Beliefs: With which cosmology do your deepest beliefs about relationships, agency, and meaning align? What are the implications for what you believe about human possibility and in particular your responsibilities to and for others and nature?

2. The Beliefs of Others: Based on your experience, what percentage of people in your circle would you estimate embrace some version of the Integral Spirit story as their story?  

3. Sacred Earth: What would be the implications for society if we were to acknowledge as a species that Earth is our mother and that it is our sacred duty to care for her as she cares for us?

4. Living Economies: What might be defining characteristics of an economy that works in partnership with nature rather than in opposition to it?

5. Public Conversation: If you agree that the absence of the Integral Spirit Story from the public conversation is a problem, how might you contribute to changing that?

  • that drew him to this inquiry, sparked key insights, and led to writing this essay at this time.
  • from friends and colleagues who helped shape this essay.