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Venture capitalist turned comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan tells the story of her family in economic transition—touching on student loans, healthcare, and layoffs—and creatively explains the transitive property of mathematics. By helping her mother prepare to go back to school she learns the value of a good education, the importance of Seinfeld, and most of all, how to be a good teacher.




  • Empowerment in the Classroom
    How do we teach high school students to see themselves as protagonists in history? One idea involves Lupe Fiasco, Matt Damon, and the late Howard Zinn.
  • Emotional Learning
    A little-known movement helps kids understand the connection between the brain and heart, and improve their behavior (and test scores) too.
  • The Good Life? It's Close to Home
    Rebuilding families and neighborhoods around the gifts each of us offers.


The above resources accompany the March 2012 YES! Education Connection Newsletter


How to de-stress your classroom :: My greatest teaching moment

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