The Barefoot Artist

A new film explores Lily Yeh's inner journey to do for herself what her art has helped do for many communities throughout the world.
barefoot artist from film

The Barefoot Artist trailer from Daniel Traub on Vimeo.

"Broken places, broken people, broken promises. Anything broken gives room for new possibility to create and re-create that dustless place."

Lily Yeh has been helping revitalize broken places for over 20 years. Often using broken pieces of tile to "rebuild... bring hope, bring joy, bring color" and make a broken place whole and beautiful. The Barefoot Artist, a film by Glenn Holsten and Daniel Traub, follows Lily on her more personal inner journey to "mend the brokeness inside."

  • On the industrial outskirts of Beijing, the transient children of the world’s largest migration taught artist Lily Yeh about finding healing and rootedness in creative power.

  • From abandoned to beautiful: Lily Yeh partnered with the youth of North Philadelphia to transform a neighborhood.
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