Typhoon Haiyan Survivors Dance to Pharrell Williams—and They Are Incredible

Want to see a different side of Tacloban City's destruction? These survivors’ moves will change how you think about resilience after chaos.

After four months of images of chaos, destruction, and grief-stricken families in the hardest-hit areas of the post-Haiyan Philippines, Belgian director Quentin Musset's take on Tacloban City's recovery is the last one you'd expect—and the best one you could hope for.

Set to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" from the movie Despicable Me 2, the video shows a different side of the survivors of Tacloban City—the most devastated area in the country.

From firemen to police officers, children to old folks, among devastated coconut groves and in the shadow of gigantic ships that flattened flimsy neighborhoods, the residents of Tacloban dance. And they're good.

Musset produced the video in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program and the city of Tacloban to offer a different perspective of the city's recovery—one of remarkable energy, resilience, and spirit.

Since it's posting on March 11, the video has gone viral in the Philippines, already garnering nearly 145,000 views.