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VERA Project took on Seattle's youth music wasteland to create lasting opportunities for young artists.
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Video courtesy of veraprojectseattle

VERA Project turns ten this year. Founded in 2001 to provide accessible music venues for the underserved, underage concert-going crowd, it has come a long way from the temporary halls its member artists used to rent. With a permanent space in Seattle Center, which opened in 2007, VERA has been able to fully develop and expand its programs—from concert production to silk screening to visual art displays—and provide the opportunity for young people to learn the music and arts industry from the inside. Focusing on youth leadership and community involvement, VERA is run primarily by volunteer staff. The involvement and enthusiasm behind VERA have made it a key player in creating the thriving youth music scene in Seattle.

Veri Et Recti Amici—True And Sincere Friends.


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