At Home with W.S. Merwin

The U.S. Poet Laureate on learning from Ezra Pound, and why his plot of indigenous Hawaiian rainforest inspires his poetry today.
W.S. Merwin garden


Video Courtesy of poetsacademy

W.S. Merwin, Poet Laureate of the United States, has authored over twenty books of poetry and numerous translations. Preferring a quieter life, Merwin settled on Maui in the '70s and has spent the years since restoring the rainforest on his property devastated by years of agricultural use. His gardening, and the connection to the earth it creates, inspire much of Merwin’s poetry.

In 2010 a trust, The Merwin Conservancy, was set up to preserve the gardens three decades in the making and explore possibilities for public access.

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  • Thanks, by W.S Merwin. Poem from the collection
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