50 Ways to Thrive and Survive in the Next 10 Years

Cook from scratch with friends or family every monthLearn to play a musical instrument or singLearn to danceLearn another languageTake care of someone else's kids at least once a monthMake friends within walking distance
Form a neighborhood associationInvest in a wool sweater and turn the heat downMake more time with friendsCreate a relationship with someone in another countryStart your own vegetable garden Replace your lawn with native plants
Collect rain waterEat 10 percent within 10 milesEat in season Use 25 percent less water in your homeCreate 25 percent less garbageCompost
Give something awayTurn off the TV and read a bookTurn off the computer and go for a walkWork less and spend lessLeave America - Come backMove into a smaller house
Convert your car to electricRide the busCarpoolWalk to workRide a bicycle to the grocery storeBuild sidewalks
Shop locallyWrite your own newsStart a blogGet rid of stuff you don't need through Craig's List or Freecycle Buy usedVote on paper
ForgiveTalk to your neighborsTalk to your enemiesFear notBuy only magazines printed on recycled paperEncourage schools to require community service
Tutor/mentor a young oneDon't print that e-mailMake a friend who is two generations older or youngerTurn off your cell phone and e-mail and talk to someone face-to-faceGet involved in a local political campaignExplore the nearest wilderness area
Repair something instead of throwing it awayCreate a park nearby

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