Book Review: Every Day is a Good Day by Wilma Mankiller

Wilma Mankiller

Fulcrum Publishing, 2004, 215 pages,


Activist and former principal chief of the Cherokee Nation Wilma Mankiller gathers wisdom from a diverse group of Native American women from 16 nations in her new book. She invites readers into conversations that touch on such themes as governance, spirituality, womanhood, and community.

As these aspects of native culture and struggles unfold, the diversity among regions, tribes, and individual women becomes as obvious as their shared strength and persistence. Mankiller proves a deft guide, providing readers with a road map of the historical context for each subject.

Despite the challenges of being indigenous in the 21st century, “How can I be anything but positive if I come from a tenacious, resilient people who keep moving forward with an eye towards the future even after enduring unspeakable hardship?” says Mankiller in the closing chapter.

Every Day Is a Good Day provides insights into the lives and ideas of indigenous women and invites readers to re-examine their own cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

Reviewed by Lilja Otto.

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