Omar Freilla: Green Worker Cooperative

Omar Freilla Photo by Marsha Gordon

"These trucks come through here every day and what do we, the folks in the South Bronx, get out of it? All we get is the diesel exhaust from the trucks. It's time we see if we can get some jobs from them … We're talking about creating jobs that empower people. It's like a worker-owned Home Depot for used stuff," Omar Freilla told the New York Daily News.

 Omar Freilla, 31, operates from the principle that if you've got lemons, make some terrific lemonade--and find a use for the skin, too. He created the Green Worker Cooperative to turn the mountains of New York City garbage trucked through the South Bronx into jobs for the community. The worker-owned cooperative will recycle and sell construction debris, boosting the local economy and diverting from landfills some of the 13,000 tons of construction waste New York City generates each year.
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