Introducing Our Next Executive Director

After an exhaustive five-month search, we’ve found a new executive director for YES! Magazine.
New ED.png

Christine Hanna.

It took an exhaustive five-month search to find the perfect next executive director for YES! Magazine, and you are going to love her!

Christine Hanna will start with YES! in March after discharging most of her many responsibilities at Seattle Good Business Network, where she is co-executive director. I’ll remain head of YES! until she’s ready to take the reins next spring.

Why did we choose Christine? She is a passionate advocate for a sustainable, inclusive local economy, with a great track record for putting that passion into action. She founded Seattle Good Business Network in 2010. She and her colleagues grew the organization from a small startup to an influential Seattle player, strengthening the region’s locally owned retail, manufacturing, and food sectors.

Previously, Christine spent six years at Sightline Institute, a highly regarded environmental and social justice policy institute for the Northwest. There, she was managing director and director of strategic initiatives. Sightline’s founder, Alan Durning, told me that among Christine’s many accomplishments was that she “dragged Sightline into the internet age.” Christine honed her business acumen in the University of Washington’s MBA program, where she graduated at the top of her class.

I want to thank all of you who helped spread the word about this job. Sixty-six people applied. I was moved by the many highly qualified people who saw leading YES! as an enticing opportunity to make a difference in the world. That’s exactly how I have felt for the past 18 years!

You, our beloved readers, have made YES! stronger than it has ever been. With your help and that of our talented staff and wise board of directors, Christine’s job will be to lead YES! to even greater heights of journalism that inspires social change. We are committed to helping ever more people join in moving our world toward justice, sustainability, and compassion for all.

I am personally thrilled to know that next year I will pass my job to Christine, who will bring fresh energy and insight to YES! And I, of course, will continue to contribute to the YES! mission for years to come.

You can drop Christine a note of welcome at [email protected] And contact me anytime: [email protected] I always love to hear from you.