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Table of Contents :: Issue 38

The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community
by David Korten
How will future generations remember our time? As the time when climate chaos, peak oil, and an unstable global economy unraveled society? Or as the time of a Great Turning?

Portrait of a Perfect Economic Storm

Earth Community Dialogues

How Likely Is Collapse?
by Michael Marien
Nuclear proliferation, bird flu, the debt bomb, climate chaos—facing the perils is the first step to meaningful action.

Ten Books that Consider Collapse

Surviving Hard Times; It's Not for Sissies
by John Mohawk
Hopi and Iroquois prophecies draw on long cultural memories, offering practical approaches to surviving hard times.

Saving Seeds

Message from the Hopi Elders

Entrepreneurs of Cooperation
by Jonathan Rowe
After the 1929 crash, workers created a cooperative economy, using industrial leftovers and ingenuity.

On the path to Earth Community ...
Cleveland: Greening the Rust Belt
by Ed D'Amato
New York City: All Together Now
by Courtney Thompson
New Orleans to Ottawa: After the Storm
by Francesca Lyman
Cuba: Communities Prepare for Hurricanes
by Lilja Otto
Prescott, Arizona: Ecohood
by Susan DeFreitas

What is Permaculture? Gardening Like Nature

Book Review- Power Down: How to live post-carbon

Waiting for a Tech-fix?

North Korea & Cuba: Peak Oil Preview
by Dale Wen
The 1990 Soviet collapse cut oil supplies to two countries, disrupting food production. One successfully moved to post-petroleum agriculture, and one failed to. Here’s why.

Book Review- Sustainable Agriculture & Resistance

It Takes Energy to Make Energy

Can Soap Operas Save the World?
by Carol Estes
Radio and television can whip up ethnic and religious hate. Can they also whip up understanding?

Learning to be Culturally Proficient

The Great Turning as Compass and Lens
by Joanna Macy
What does it mean to be alive at a time of profound change? The lens of the Great Turning helps us see our part in this historic shift. The compass shows us the direction.

Poem: hieroglyphic stairway


global shift
Alternatives to a Wall
by O.A. Chacón, A. Shannon & S. Anderson
First they passed NAFTA. Then CAFTA. Now Congress is taking up legislation to criminalize those displaced by these trade policies. No wonder people are in the streets.

Inviting Immigrants Out of the Shadows

In Iraq: A place to be Human, First
by Bill Weinberg
They don’t like the occupation or the militias, and they aren’t signing up for any political or religious faction. Instead, these Iraqis are claiming the space to live with their neighbors in peace.


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