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Percentage of Americans who rated dealing with the nation's energy problem a top priority in 2003: 40
Percentage in 2006: 58

Amount willed to the U.S. Treasury by a 98 year-old widow to help pay off the national debt: $1.1 million (2)
Total amount of the U.S. national debt: $8.4 trillion (3)

Number of job openings at a new Wal-Mart outside Chicago: 325
Number of people who applied: 24,500 (4)

Percentage of U.S. troops serving in Iraq who believe the U.S. should exit the country in 2006: 72
Percentage who said that the U.S. mission is mainly "to retaliate for Saddam's role in the 9-11 attacks": 85 (5)

Percentage of 600 full-time MBA programs across six continents that required one or more courses in ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, or business and society in 2001: 34
Percentage in 2005: 54 (6)

Percentage of injections, in a Dublin study, that did not properly penetrate the buttocks due to fat tissue: 68 (7)

Number of times the White House Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board has met since it was created in 2004: 0 (8)

Number of U.S. universities placed on a Pentagon watch list as a national security threat because they hosted on-campus protests against military recruitment: 8 (9)

Amount in student loans the average U.S. student borrower will owe at graduation: $17,600 (10)

Percentage of students whose federal student loan debt burden at graduation is "unmanageable": 39(11)
Number of paid hours per week a student borrower at a public, four-year university works: 22.8(12)

Total value of socially responsible investments in the U.S. in 1995: $639 billion
Total value in 2005: $2.29 trillion(13)

Average annual cost of regular checking at the 300 largest banks: $266
At small community banks: $191
At credit unions: $101(14)

Estimated number of babies born to women in U.S. prisons each year: 2,000
Number of state corrections departments that expressly allow shackling of pregnant prisoners during labor: 23
Number of women in labor who have escaped or attempted to escape: 0 (15)

Amount of money spent by the Bush administration on public relations and media contracts over the last two and a half years: $1.62 billion
Amount of that spent by the Department of Defense: $1.1 billion(16)

Number of karate club members hired at a New Zealand rally to protect 140 vintage cars against pecking by native parrots attracted to shiny objects: 40 (17)

Percentage of Americans who agreed that buying and consuming is the American way in 1995: 89 (18)
Percentage who agreed in 2004: 40 (19)


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