The Page That Counts :: Spring 2004

FBI estimate of cost of burglary and robbery in the U.S. every year: $3.8 billion

Cost of health care fraud in the U.S. per year: $100 billion to $400 billion (1)

Amount Americans spent on Internet dating during the first half of 2003: $214 million (2)

Number of people in the U.S. Army on the eve of World War II: 186,000 (3)

Number of people in today's U.S. regular Army: 480,000 (4)

Number of U.S. troops in Iraq who have been killed, wounded, or become sick enough to require airlifting out of Iraq, as of December 19, 2003: 10,854 (5)

Percent of Americans whose favorite sport is not football, baseball or basketball: 44 (6)

Average daily wage of an adult male in an Indian/Pakistani football stitching factory: less than $0.50 (7)

Percent of the low-wage workforce in the U.S. that is not composed of teenagers: 93

Percent of low-wage jobs that are in the fast food industry: less than 5% (8)

Number of hours between the appointment of a six-person team of military defense lawyers for Guantanamo prisoners and their dismissal for decrying the unfair design of the tribunals: about 8 (9)

Number of members of the replacement defense team who signed a brief to the Supreme Court arguing that the rules for these tribunals are unfair: 5 (10)

Percent of Americans who are unable to identify a single department in the U.S. Cabinet: 58 (11)

Minimum number of times a year the Kentucky legal code requires its citizens to take a bath: 1 (12)

Rank of “It's too cold” among office complaints in a survey of workplaces with 100 people or more: 1

Rank of “It's too hot”: 2 (13)

Percent of Wal-Mart employees eligible for food stamps: around 50% (14)

Combined net worth of the three Waltons who own 38% of Wal-Mart's stock: $66 billion

Net worth of Afghanistan: $19 billion (15)

Value of the gift certificate Wal-Mart offered a 10-year-old girl who was allegedly fondled by a store employee in South Carolina: $25 (16)

Size of the tax break Denver, Colorado, is offering Wal-Mart to locate a store in the city: $10 million

Projected sales tax this Wal-Mart will produce between now and 2016: about $1.6 million (17)

Value of merchandise Wal-Mart—which earlier advertised its mission to “Buy American”—imported from China in 2002: $12 billion (18)

Cost of a single-serving bottle of Coca-Cola in Ecuador: $0.55

Daily wage of the average Ecuadorian: $5

Amount of Coca-Cola consumed daily by the average Latin American: 1 bottle (19)

Percent of Americans who would like to have a simpler holiday season: 77 (20)

Rank of Alaska in the most polluted states in the U.S.: 4 (21)

Number of people there would be in Manhattan if it had as few people per square mile as Alaska: 14 (22)


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