8 Experts Show the Way to a New Role for the U.S.

How can we transform our most difficult global relationships? 8 experts give their best advice on a new role for the U.S.
A Real Pro-Israel Policy Helps Palestine, Too

The Israel–Palestine conflict isn’t inevitable. Here’s how both sides could gain by building on their common interest for peace and fairness. The United States still holds the key.
By Steven Zunes

Africa’s Own Needs Should Come First

Rising prices make African oil a tempting prize. But African leaders are resisting U.S. plans to militarize the continent, saying their resources should be used to alleviate poverty.
By Emira Woods

Family Reunions Build Bridges to Cuba

If there’s one thing Cubans in Miami share with compatriots in Cuba, it’s a desire to travel freely—especially to visit family. Lifting the U.S. travel ban could open all kinds of doors.
By Elizabeth Cerejido

Candidates for Congress Show the Way Out

The 2006 mid-term election sent a clear signal: Americans want out of Iraq. As the occupation drags on, 10 candidates for the U.S. Congress announce a plan to bring all the troops home.
By Erik Leaver

Fighting Terror with Law and Dignity

Fighting terrorism through massive military attacks is like pouring gasoline on a fire—it plays right into the hands of militants. Here’s a proven strategy for taking down terrorism.
By Tom Andrews

How Iran Could Help the United States

Iran helped the United States overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan, and it could help bring peace to Iraq and the region. Or, as some advocate, we could just bomb them.
By Robert Naiman

Respecting Our Neighbors to the South

For years, the U.S. imposed authoritarian leaders and corporate-friendly policies on Latin American countries. Now they are setting their own path.
By Nadia Martinez

A Potential Ally in Fighting Consumerism

The U.S. doesn’t export much to China, but it has managed one deadly export: a consumer-based lifestyle. That’s something we need to change, beginning at home.
By Dale Jiajun Wen

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