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Musical inspiration while putting out this issue

Afriki CD cover
An Ancient Muse CD cover

Sleep Through the Static

Jack Johnson recorded his fourth album in analog at his solar powered studio. It’s fitting, as this CD turns its attention in a big way to the state of the world. Jack’s getting serious, and he’s asking us to also—between surf sets.

 Sleep Through The Static, by Jack Johnson.
 All At Once, by Jack Johnson.




Habib Koite uses lyrics in the Malian Bambara language to touch upon themes vital to Africa today: “People here in Africa are willing to risk death trying to leave for Europe or the USA, but they are not willing to take the risk of staying to develop something here in Africa.” The powerful, uplifting messages are carried along by his distinctive guitar work.

 Namania, by Habib Koite.
 Africa, by Habib Koite.



An Ancient Muse

Inspired by her travels through Mongolia, China, Turkey, and the Greek Islands, Loreena McKennit’s haunting compositions will take you to an entrancing place.

 Kecharitomene, by Loreena McKennitt.
 The English Ladye and the Knight, by Loreena McKennitt.

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