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Superpower? Get Over It

Five years into the occupation of Iraq, the American public has had it. Add in an overstretched economy, spreading nuclear arms, climate disruption, and scrambles for scarce resources, and many are ready to ditch the superpower role and join a world of equals to confront our common challenges.

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Editor's Introduction
How to join the family of nations.

Tampa War Protest. Photo by Michael Waldron
Beyond Superpowers
The U.S. public gets it: We can no longer shoulder the many costs of empire.

ISM Human Shield. Photo by Michael Loadenthal
8 Places to Start
Cuba, Israel, Iran, China, and other places where we can improve relations.



Emira Woods at a protest against Liberia's debt. Photo by Monèt Cooper
Do It Yourself
Think foreign policy is just for politicians? These people can change your mind.
IVAW Veteran with Flowers. Photo by Joseph O. Holmes
Our Warriors, Ourselves
Our country will not find peace until we take responsibility for our wars.
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Obama, Clinton and McCain on Foreign Policy
A look behind the hype to the records, advisors, and promises of the candidates.


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Just the Facts
The U.S. spends piles of money on foreign aid, right? See how the spending actually stacks up.
Image of water
The Next Resource War?
Maude Barlow advises to cut back on waste and end corporate control. That, or we'll fight over water.

Café Museo Café, by Barbara Soldi.
Reclaiming the Corn
After 14 years of losing with NAFTA, Mexican farmers are making their own trade rules—fair ones.


Nuclear Free Zone Sign
A Powerful Peace
If the nuclear powers wish to be safe from nuclear weapons, they must surrender their own.
President Ronald Reagan with Caspar Weinberger, George Shultz, Ed Meese, and Don Regan discussing the President's remarks on the Iran-Contra affair, Oval Office. White House Photo Office / wickimedia commons
M.A.D. No More
George Shultz, who helped build our nuclear arsenal, says it’s time to ban the bomb.

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Raiding the War Chest
We can save billions, and still have billions left to make the U.S. more secure.


8 Experts Show the Way to a New Role for the U.S.

Human Shield. Photo by Michael Loadenthal,
By Stephen Zunes.
Father and Child in Nigeria, photo by Christopher Herwig
By Emira Woods.
El Malecon, La Havanna
By Elizabeth Cerejido.
Darcy Burner
By Erik Leaver.


Tom Andrews speaks with Congressman Sam Farr during his weekly Anti-War Room.
Stateless Terrorism
By Tom Andrews.
Women in Teheran. Photo by Arash Shiva,
By Robert Naiman.
Cover of YES! Magazine Issue 42
Latin America
By Nadia Martinez.
Rooftop solar hot water tanks in the Yunnan capital city of Kunming, China. Photo by Even Rogers Pay
By Dale Jianjun Wen.


Vermont Town Hall Meeting. Photo by Jessamyn C. West
Peace, One City at a Time
Tired of being ignored by the feds, citizens pass city laws declaring peace.
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Discussion Guide
Conversation starters and article summaries for a just foreign policy.
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Resource Guide
Organizations, initiatives and background reading on a just foreign policy.
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