The Total Thrust Is Global Justice

The total thrust is global justice
so we gotta fix the politics
and put a check upon its economics
or before you know it a warrior-poet
may try to upend the
corporate agenda that's
got ‘em blind to the real bottom line
It's intense when you sense the only interests
on the docket
are fat cats with Republi-Crats
in their pocket
It's crooked now
just look at how
the pundits are funded
They're devious at CBS and, yes,
they'll choose the news that fits the script unless
I play tricks on the Matrix
(In case you can't guess shit, I'm not to be messed with)
The folks know my art form
comes straight from the heart for ‘em
A lyrical storm that departs from the norm
and transforms as I'm givin'
rhymes for the minds in the times that we live in
I can't hang with the anguish
and I don't want my language to languish
‘cause there ain't nothing like Drew's hip hop haikus
I got a mandate to disturb the urban landscape
We got tyrannies right here in these States
And you never know when they'll go
Right back to some tactics like cointelpro
If we could see through the lies
to see how they brutalize and get cops
to beat speech in the streets and guard sweatshops
I'm endin' these industries
Please can we factor the
effect of the trajectory
This whole place is racist
and sexist from North Dakota down to Texas
with the Twenty-first Century's
youth in penitentiaries
and the night never seemed this dark
but now half of the stars are behind prison bars
Oh say can you see?
But if we can dream a new day it may be
You had to know the baddest bro
with the phattest flow would shake up the status quo
with my adjectives and my adverbs and my ad libs
—and like Gandhi
protest is my modus operandi
It's like Malcolm and Martin's evolution
with art and revolution
‘Cause the total thrust is global justice.

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