A Resilient Community

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A Resilient Community

How do you navigate an unsteady economy, a future without cheap oil, and unimaginable changes in the climate?  Here are ways to learn skills for self-reliance, build lasting communities, and take care of the important things in life, whether good times or hard times come our way.

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[Full table of contents of our Fall 2010 issue]

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Editor’s Introduction: Seeds of Resilience


10 Resilient Ideas

A cob house, an ecovillage, bee hives, and other innovations and inspirations

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Crash Course

In an uncertain world, who's got your back?  Here's how to build a resilient community.

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Skill Up and Party, Too

Transition Towns make plans for an oil-poor future–and have a blast doing it.

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Can You DIY?

Your grandparents could.  Food, shelter, clothing–the self-reliant way.

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City Lots, Lots of Food

Richmond, Calif., lost its industry–now it's gaining a future, one garden at a time.

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Share Your Stuff

These days, whoever shares the most stuff wins.

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New Orleans Comes Back

Rebecca Solnit tours a city where people came together during their darkest hours.

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Stories Make Us Stronger

Lessons from people who've learned through experience–your ancestors.

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Why Build Resilience?

Why build resilience now?  Because here's what we can't rely on ...

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"In the Face of this Truth"

How to have honest conversations about climate change, the future, and our hopes and fears.


How Resilient Are You?

Take this test to find out.

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