Bike As You Are

Whether it's in lycra or heels, the emerging movement of "come as you are" cycling proves that anyone can bike–anytime, anywhere.
Daniel Foster

Photo by Daniel Foster / Flickr.

Any pedestrian who’s felt the backdraft from a herd of athletic cyclists at rush hour may feel that bike commuting is an extreme sport. But bicycles are ordinary transportation in many parts of the world, where people of all ages carry what they need strapped to a rack or hanging from the handlebars.

An emerging trend is the resourceful American cyclist, who adapts to whatever weather nature offers and plans around the lack of bike-friendly infrastructure. Community is emerging through “come as you are” cycling blogs, even when “as you are” is in a skirt and pumps, and on the way to the office. One example is, with cycling advocates Trisha and Dottie encouraging bicycle transportation for those averse to lycra, competition, and racing handlebars. The movement is linked by an appreciation of going at your own pace and being in it for the long haul.

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