People We Love :: Nadia Janjua

Combining Islam and the environment

Nadia Janjua was working at a corporate architecture firm in Arlington, Va., when she became interested in green building and sustainability. So in 2007, she joined four other young Muslim professionals in founding DC Green Muslims, also called Green Muslims in the District.

The group organizes social and service events that inspire members to reflect on how they incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. DC Green Muslims also participated in the No Impact Project.

The founders have since passed on DC Green Muslims to a new set of leaders, allowing Janjua to pursue painting, sketching, and photography. “Faith and spirituality are an indistinct part of everything I do, not only in creating art but in every part of my life,” she said.

Janjua recently exhibited her paintings at the sixth World Islamic Economic Forum in Malaysia, where she spoke about providing artistic opportunities for Muslim youth.

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