YES! Music Picks :: Fall 2010

Musical inspiration while putting out this issue.
Preservation album cover

Earth Amplified
Leonard Cohen Live



This is pure fun. New Orleans jazz, blues, and swing sung by an A-list roster. Highlights include Ani DiFranco on a swinging “Freight Train” and Angelique Kidjo with a perky “La Vie En Rose.” But nothing can top Tom Waits growling out “Tootie Ma Is a Big Fine Thing.”

A benefit CD for Preservation Hall.

Tootie Ma Is a Big Fine Thing, by Tom Waits and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band

La Vie En Rose, by Angelique Kidjo and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band


Earth Amplified

A mix of hip hop, reggae, and blues, with echos of Marvin Gaye, this new CD by Oakland vocalist and activist Seasunz and Brooklyn’s J.Bless tells hard truths about the climate, food, poverty, and prison while lifting the spirits and giving you a reason to dance. 

Any Day Now, by Seasunz and J.Bless

Lady Justice, by Seasunz and J.Bless

"Global Warning," by Seasunz and J.Bless:

Live in London

Wry, graceful, gravelly, Leonard Cohen reviews his 40-year songbook with a supremely talented band. The audience cheers during “Tower of Song” when he sings, “I was born with the gift of a golden voice.” You should hope to be 73 like this.


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