America: The Remix

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Can Our Diversity Be Our Strength?

Our crises—from the economy to the climate—are too big and too immediate to allow race to continue dividing us. In this issue, we bring you stories of the people and collaborations that are helping our nation finally embrace its identity as a multiracial society.

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Editor’s Introduction

Becoming a Whole Nation


Who We Are Now

The United States used to be thought of as a predominantly white country. That’s changing.




Building Beyond Racism

The young people energized by the Obama campaign are bringing real change home.


What Do You Say?

How one woman finds the courage to take the immigration dialogue to talk radio.


My Life in Black and White

Sharing stories is one way to break through stereotypes and build respect.

Selma March

100 Years of Progress

Some progress and setbacks on the path toward
a multiracial nation.

Race exhibit

Signs of a New American Identity

Stories of people, communities, and groups strengthened by diversity.

Just the Facts: Race-Based Economics

Race-Based Economics

Just the facts on the growing wealth gap.

Breakthrough Communities, detail of book cvr

10 Strategies for Cities

Land-use strategies to create socially just, multicultural cities.


A City We’d Like to Live In

How to make our cities just, inclusive, and green.


What White People Fear

And how to get over it.


Songs that Fight Racism

What pop star Brett Dennen’s music teaches kids about getting along.


United by Hard Times

A tough economy makes cross-race organizing more important than ever.

Adrienne Maree Brown

Generation Mixed

How the under-35 set is breaking the race barrier.


Everyday Conversations to Heal Racism

5 tips for courageous conversations about race and culture.

Winter 2010 online only index

Spring 2010 Online

Videos, photo essays, music, and more around the Multiracial America issue.

YES! Magazine Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide

Conversation starters and article summaries for the Multiracial America issue.

YES! Magazine Resource Guide

Resource Guide

Movements and resources to discover the strength that lies in our differences.

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