Blended Nation: Photos That Teach About the Complexities of Race


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Janine, Evan, and their family of Benicia, California.

Photo from the book Blended Nation by Mike Tauber

After 9/11, photographer Mike Tauber and then-girlfriend Pamela Singh watched with concern as both hate crimes and federal security policies targeted Sikhs. Singh, who is part Indian, convinced Tauber that they could use photography to help Americans grasp the complexities of race.

The couple (who are now married with children) traveled across the country, taking portraits and collecting stories of mixed-race individuals. They used the results of the 2000 Census as their roadmap, visiting states with high mixed-race populations to ensure a variety of subjects. The result, Blended Nation, is a book that chronicles the struggle for identity faced by its subjects, including Janine, Evan and their family of Benicia, California pictured above.

“[The book] is a window into the larger conversation of race in this country,” says Tauber. “The mixed-race experience becomes the avenue to the greater conversation of race.”

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