Just Cause Broaden's Fight for Tenant's Rights


Signs of a New Identity, Bay Area Just Cause

Photo Courtesy of Just Cause

Low-income tenants in the high-priced San Francisco Bay Area have a tough time. Two organizations working on opposite sides of the Bay Bridge realized that they would be better able to serve these vulnerable communities and ensure their access to affordable housing by working together. St. Peter’s Housing Committee served San Francisco’s predominately Latino Mission District, while Just Cause Oakland worked in a largely African American community.

They began collaborating by building neighborhood coalitions and lobbying local government to protect rent control and provide due process for youth of color in the judicial system. In January 2010, the two organizations joined forces to become a single group, called Just Cause.

 “We saw just so much potential for the two communities to unite and to start to think about the connections between people of color,” said Maria Poblet, lead director of Just Cause.


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