Just the Facts: Race-Based Economics

There's a growing wealth gap

We've made meaningful progress toward embracing our cultural diversity in the United States. But we've got a long way to go before we clean up the economic fallout from years of institutional racism.

There's a growing wealth gap.


Source: "2007 Survey of Consumer Finances," Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

When hard times hit, they hit people of color harder.

1. Unemployment during this recession

Unemployment during the recession 

Source: "State of the Dream 2010: Drained," United for a Fair Economy (based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data), www.faireconomy.org/dream.


2. Effect of race on home loans

Effect of race on home loans

Source: "Unfair Lending: The Effect of Race and Ethnicity on the Price of Subprime Morgages," Center for Responsible Lending, 2006.


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