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Revamping the Cafeteria Menu
Hai Vo

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Hai Vo, 22, is on a mission to educate young people about the value of “real” food: ecologically sound, community-based, and fair to both producers and consumers.

Motivated by his own shift toward a healthy lifestyle—and his subsequent weight loss—Vo in 2007 co-founded the University of California Irvine (UCI) chapter of the Real Food Challenge, a national youth movement to promote a just and sustainable food system. Vo organized a series of dinners, lectures, field trips, and discussions on campus, and spent months examining the origin and production processes of every food item in the UCI dining services.

A winner of a 2009 Brower Youth Award, Vo also worked with the UC Sustainable Food Services Working Group to establish a statewide sustainable food policy, which is committed to serving 20 percent real food throughout the UC system by 2020.


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