The Page That Counts :: Spring 2010

dollar bill

The average American’s debt on credit cards, auto loans, and other fixed payments in 2008: $16,600 [1]

Amount of gross federal, state, and local debt per capita in the United States for the 2009 Fiscal Year: $51,548.30 [2]

Amount owed by Corey Taylor of Chicago in 2007, when he faked his own death to avoid paying his Verizon phone bill: $175 [3]



Internal temperature, in degrees Celsius, a popcorn kernel must reach before it pops: 180 [4]



clothespinsEstimated number of reported U.S. home structure fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines in 2006: 17,700

Amount of direct property damage that ensued from those fires: $194 million [5]

Percentage of Australian and New Zealand population that air-dries its laundry: 90 [6]



Total minutes spent on Facebook in the U.S. in April 2008: 1.7 billion

In April 2009: 13.9 billion [7]



Broken TVEstimated number of TVs sent to U.S. recyclers following the June 2009 conversion to digital broadcasting: 27,790,564

Estimated tons of lead from those TVs that will be dumped in developing countries by purported U.S. “recyclers”: 56,000 [8]



Percentage of regional GDP spent on transportation in car-based cities: 12–15

Percentage of regional GDP spent on transportation in mass transit-based cities: 5–8 [9]

Federal government transportation expenditures on highways in fiscal year 2006: $2.3 billion

Federal government transportation expenditures on mass transit in fiscal year 2006 : $0.1 billion [10]



As of 2008, number of Emmy Awards won by Sesame Street: 122 [11]



Number of individuals who self-identified as living with a committed same-sex partner in the 2000 U.S. Census: 594,391

Percentage of same-sex couples between the ages of 22 and 55 raising children in the U.S.: 39 [12]

Number of significant differences identified in peer-group relationships, sexual identity, or relationships with fathers or other males in a study comparing the children of lesbian mothers to those of straight mothers: 0 [13]



prescription_drugs.jpgPercentage of U.S. seniors who take five or more prescription drugs daily: 51

Percentage of those who do not feel knowledgeable enough about the drugs they’re prescribed or their potential side effects: 34 [14]



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yellow fish
Fall 2009

Percentage of land protected worldwide as parks:  12.1
Percentage of ocean designated as marine protected areas:  0.7 


Red soda can

Winter 2010

Number of Boeing 747 jets that could be built with the aluminum cans thrown away by airlines in a year: 58 ...




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