YES! Music Picks :: Spring 2010

Musical inspiration while putting out this issue.
Seis Poemas, CD by Susana Baca
By the People, Soundtrack of the documentary Oh Mighty Engine, cd by Neil Halstead


Seis Poemas

Central to a revival of Afro-Peruvian music, Susana Baca has been described as bossa nova cut down to its core. Her plaintive voice is most appropriate here—Seis Poemas serves as an elegy to the silenced voices of great poets. Her songs at once celebrate and mourn.

Resbalosas, by Susana Baca.

Un Cuento Silencioso, by Susana Baca.

By the People: For the People

Want to re-create Election Night chills? Try this after-the-fact soundtrack inspired by last year’s documentary. Don’t miss Bruce Springsteen’s “This Land is Your Land,” John Mayer and Ben Harper’s “Waiting On the World to Change,” and John Legend’s “(RED)emption Song.”

Waiting On the World to Change, by John Mayer & Ben Harper

(Red)emption Song, by John Legend

Find out more about the documentary: By the People—The Election of Barack Obama.


Oh! Mighty Engine

Finally, a second solo album from Neil Halstead. His hushed vocals are familiar, and you must—you must—tap your foot. His lyrics tell stories that are personal and imaginative, and they will sweeten your mood.

Oh Mighty Engine, by Neil Halstead.

Baby, I Grew You a Beard, by Neil Halstead.


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