Voices of Compassion

Personal stories of life beyond bars.
Spoon Jackson

Spoon Jackson.

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Life With Poetry,
But No Parole

Locked up for life, prisoner poet Spoon Jackson discovered that life can be a "melody that flowed like free verse."

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Truth and Reconciliation in New York

Ex-offenders and families of victims ask, how can we resolve the tension between our need to protect society, and our desire to believe in human redemption?

Locked gate photo by Stirwise

Two Months of No Future

I nearly lost everything when I was jailed in the Tacoma immigration detention center.

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Norm Stamper
Drug Warrior No More

Ex-police chief now fights to end the war on drugs.

The Locked Gate: Standing Up for My Brother on Death Row

My brother and I don't always agree, but I defend his innocence, and I'll never walk out on him again.

Arthur Longworth

Problem Child

A conversation through the walls of solitary confinement.


The night I forgave my daughter's killer.


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