Saying Yes! to Peace

Voices from the YES! Magazine archives on War, Iraq, and Envisioning a Better Way.

building a new force

When dictators terrorize and zealots massacre, what response can go beyond inaction or bombing? What would Gandhi have done?
by Michael N. Nagler (YES! fall 2002)

not in my brother's name
Does the suffering of September 11 justify US military attacks? Some families of victims are saying no to more violence and yes to peace
by Carolyn McConnell (YES! summer 2002)

how to be a patriot
True patriotism is an act of love. If your country is about to run into the street without looking, there is nothing disloyal about crying, "Stop!"
by Sam Smith (YES! spring 2002)

what happens to your heart
A few Americans refuse to accept the lethal effect of US-led sanctions on Iraq's children. They're defying the law to bring pure water and hope to Iraqis, and to tell their story abroad
by David Morse (YES! spring 2002)

what is real security?
If our addiction to oil makes us vulnerable, can decentralized, renewable resources supply more security than big military spending?
by Amory B. and L. Hunter Lovins (YES! spring 2002)

can love save the world?
Yes, but only if it's the smart, militant, hard-edged kind of love that Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., had in mind
by Walter Wink (YES! winter 2001)

911 the failure of war
Why do we always think we can put an end to killing by waging a war? It never works, for reasons that should be obvious
by Wendell Berry (YES! winter 2001)

911 in the eyes of the world
The Ugly American lives on and he's undermining our chance for peace says this Third World writer
by Walden Bello (YES! winter 2001)

A New Military
Possibilities for a transformed military
By Brigadier General Michael Harbottle
(YES! fall 1998)

Nuclear Ban
reports on a bold effort by the former head of the US nuclear forces to eliminate nuclear weapons
Gregg Pascal Zachary (YES! Spring 1997)

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