Jane Goodall's 10 Best Things We Can Do For Animals

YES! asked Jane Goodall to tell us what we can do in our everyday lives to care for the animals we love.

Photo by James Cline/Unsplash

1. Rejoice that we are part of the Animal Kingdom.

WHAT TO DO: Create an ecological garden, encouraging bugs, butterflies, and birds.


2. Respect all life.

WHAT TO DO: Become a vegetarian.


3. Open our minds, in humility, to animals and learn from them.

WHAT TO DO: Build bug palaces in your garden.


4. Teach our children to respect and love nature.

WHAT TO DO: Create places for birds to nest.


5. Be wise stewards of life on earth.

WHAT TO DO: Do not eat commercially farmed animals.


6. Value and help preserve the sounds of nature.

WHAT TO DO: Have a bird feeder.


7. Refrain from harming life in order to learn about it.

WHAT TO DO: Become an ambassador for dogs that need to be adopted.


8. Have the courage of our convictions.

WHAT TO DO: Be aware of any plans to destroy where there may be endangered species and write letters and go to meetings.


9. Praise and help those who work for animals and the natural world.

WHAT TO DO: Volunteer at a shelter walking dogs.


10. Act knowing we are not alone and live with hope.

WHAT TO DO: Donate to animal-related causes.

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