Can Animals Save Us?

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Can Animals Save Us?

Too often, we forget the biological truth that humans are an animal species, too. Our culture treats animals as food, pets, pests, property, and curiosities. We’ve spoiled their habitats, endangering tens of thousands of species and our own future. If we learn to understand animals, we can protect and restore the planet we all share.

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Can Animals Save Us?

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Editor’s Introduction


Animals, Our Selves

Indigenous peoples have learned that what we do to animals, we do to ourselves.

  • "Eagle Poem"

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Just The Facts

How we can feed the world—and still eat meat … sometimes..

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Joel Salatin

Animals are a natural and necessary part of sustainable farming.

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Going Vegan

My disability gives me a unique view of what’s wrong with eating meat.

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Warrior Baboons Find Peace

Baboons are the poster children for primate aggression. But one troop learned how to live in peace.

  • Video:

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Secret Emotional Lives of Animals

Grief, friendship, gratitude, wonder, and other things we animals experience.

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Wildlife Right of Way

They could make a comeback—if we give them what they need most: room to roam.

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What's So Special About Humans?

Could dolphins have their day in court? Imagine a world where animals and nature have rights.

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Jane Goodall:

10 Best Things We Can Do For Animals … in our everyday lives.

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National Treasures

Jean Albert Renaud is preserving two of the country's most precious resources: wild mustangs and at-risk children.

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20,000 New Species Under the Sea

The world's first census—of the oceans.


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