Can Love Save the World?

We are the ones we have been waiting for

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Winter 2002
can love save the world?
Yes, but only if it’s the smart, militant, hard-edged kind of love that Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., had in mind
by Walter Wink

heart of a muslim
How does a Muslim honor the victims of the September 11 attacks? By honoring the truth of Islam and his own heart
by Jamal Rahman

just listen
Ours is a noisy, complicated, dangerous world of political conflicts, policy quagmires, and ethnic hatreds. Can something as simple as listening really change anything?
by Leah Green, photographs by Beverly Duperly Boos

through my enemy’s eyes
Sometimes the man who knows hate can tell us the most about love, and the man acquainted with despair can teach us to hope
by Troy Chapman

ordinary heroes
A Polish Jew rescued from the Holocaust in 1942 by a Catholic neighbor devotes his life to the study of selflessness
by Samuel Oliner

the native way
For a sundancer and bundle-keeper in the Dakota tradition, the world and the spirit are identical
by Tom Goldtooth

by N. Scott Momaday

the power of the powerless
Elected leader of Burma and Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi talks about her struggle to be nonviolent
by Alan Clements
How can a wounded species heal the planet? The archetype of the wounded healer points the way
by Michael Lerner

spirit of youth
These young activists from around the world put their bodies and souls on the line for love, then watch the ripples spread
stories compiled by Neva Welton & Linda Wolf

911 the failure of war
Why do we always think we can put an end to killing by waging a war? It never works, for reasons that should be obvious
by Wendell Berry

911 in the eyes of the world
The Ugly American lives on and he’s undermining our chance for peace says this Third World writer
by Walden Bello

911 our time to choose
The grim events of September 11 present a teachable moment for Americans
by David C. Korten

911 choose love
Searching for a hero in the midst of war, this writer finds a painter instead of a warrior
by Yael Lachman

911 wisdom from the Lao Tzu
translated by Stephen Mitchell

Wondering where to turn for sources on engaged spirituality and active nonviolence? Start here
by Rik Langendoen & Pam Chang

in review

A Cure for Affluenza

Plus reviews of Kalle Lasn’s Culture Jam and Joanna Macy’s autobiography, Widening Circles

pfn news

Something Shifted
In the shadow of war, evidence accumulates of changing cultural priorities and a brighter future
by Frances F. Korten

sustainable living

Yes! But How?
What’s the world’s most sustainable building material? Hint: it’s as common as dirt. Plus an herbal eviction notice for the ubiquitous mouse.
by Doug Pibel & Annie Berthold-Bond


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