The Page That Counts :: Fall 2004

Number of inches by which Europeans exceed European-Americans in height: 2 (1)

Number of pounds by which American suburbanites exceed American city dwellers

in weight: 6 (2)

Number of miles driven per day per resident in Los Angeles: 23

In Seattle: 26

In New York City: 14 (3)

Percent of the 7 million pet reptiles in U.S. homes that carry salmonella: 94 (4)

Percent of Americans who believe Americans have “too much freedom to speak freely”: 12 (5)

Number of new secrets the Oval Office classified last year: 14 million

Approximate percent of these secrets, according to the National Security Archive, whose

classification was “dubious in the extreme” (including Augusto Pinochet's favorite liquor beverages, Scotch and Pisco Sours): 90 (6)

Fraction of prisoners now serving a life sentence in the United States: 1 in 11

Fraction of those prisoners who have no option of parole: 1 in 4

Number of prisoners serving a life sentence in Michigan alone, for crimes committed between the ages of 14 and 16: 146 (7)

Number of the 2000 Bush campaign's 241 Pioneers (fundraisers who raised at least $100,000) appointed to federal posts: 99 (8)

Number of feature stories that major television networks aired on the March for Women's Lives of April 2004, which had an estimated turnout of 1.15 million: 6

Number of feature stories aired on the Promise Keepers' march of October 1997, which had an estimated turnout of 750,000: 19 (9)

Amount that Catholic clergy in Europe, the U.S., and Canada pay clergy in India to perform a  ritual prayer request: $5.00 to $10.00 (10)

Number of board feet of lumber buried each year in U.S. cemeteries: 30 million (11)

Number of 2,000-square-foot homes this would construct: 15,000 (12)

Number of times more money the Department of Homeland Security gives Wyoming per resident to prevent terrorism than it gives New York: 7 (13)

Amount of money taken from the Department of Energy's solar, renewables, and energy

conservation budget to pay for 10,000 copies of the White House 2001 energy plan: $135,615 (14)

Tons of lead waste that the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center shooting range has prevented in six years, since switching to “green” bullets made of iron and copper: 35 (15)

Age at which U.S. children begin asking for brand name products: 3 (16)


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