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Act Up. Act Now. How to Beat Denial and Rescue the Planet

We need big change to hold global warming below levels that threaten human civilization and global ecosystems. Warnings from scientists are more dire by the day, yet carbon emissions continue to rise. There’s still time, though, to fight denial, change our communities, get out into the streets, and save ourselves. 

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Editor’s Introduction

There's Still Enough Time


Act Up. Act Now.

It's not too late to avert disastrous climate change. Here's what we need to do.


Rise, People

New mobilizations inject new urgency into a process stymied by big business and cautious governments.



The Secret to Happiness

Low-carbon living isn’t a sacrifice. Colin Beavan says it’s the good life.


POSTER: 10 Ways to Change Your Life (Not Just Your Light Bulbs)

Climate Denial 185 px

Solving the “It’s Not My Problem” Problem

How do we overcome climate denial?


Climate Heroes banner

Climate Heroes

1. Kumi Naidoo of TckTckTck

2. Clayton Thomas-Müller, Indigenous Activists

3. Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins of Green for All

4. Rev. Canon Sally Bingham, Faith Leader


5. Sharon Hanshaw, Organzing after Katrina

6. Marcus Ryan of DC project

7. Lorelei Scarbro, Appalachian Activist



Towns Rush to Make
Low-Carbon Transition

The transition to a climate-friendly world, one community at a time.


Life after Stuff

Critics say The Story of Stuff is un-American. Rubbish, says the film’s creator.


Climate Confusion 

The money, CEOs, and Astroturf groups behind the climate deniers.


Globe on Scale

The Way to Global Climate Justice

How to break the climate stalemate between the Global South and the North.


Homegrown Solutions

Climate Solutions from South Africa, Kenya, and Bangladesh


A Fast Track from Coal
to Clean Energy

New coal plants halted; new renewables coming on line. But what about the old, dirty coal plants?


Winter 2010 online only index

Winter 2010 Online

Videos, photo essays, music, and more around the climate action issue.

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Discussion Guide

Conversation starters and article summaries for the climate action issue.

YES! Magazine Resource Guide

Resource Guide

Movements and resources to save the planet now.

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