Climate Heroes

Meet some of the people on the front lines of climate action.

Kumi Naidoo

Kumi Naidoo is building a global movement to force world leaders to adopt a binding agreement on climate change. He is executive director of Greenpeace International and has led TckTckTck, a global campaign for climate action. 

Clayton-Thomas-Muller-mug.jpgClayton Thomas-Müller

Clayton Thomas-Müller is working to keep corporations from privatizing the atmosphere, as they have privatized the land and exploited the natural resources that once belonged to the First Nations of Canada.

Phaedra-Ellis-Lamkins-mug.jpgPhaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Green For All organizes minority and low-income communities to press for green jobs and mobilizes their grassroots power into a national force for an inclusive, clean-energy economy.


Sally-Bingham-mug.jpgRev. Canon Sally Bingham

She founded the Regeneration Project, which has helped more than 10,000 congregations around the country become greener and more energy-efficient.


Sharon-Hanshaw-mug.jpgSharon Hanshaw

Left homeless after Hurricane Katrina, she fights for communities that will suffer most from climate impacts.


Marcus-Ryan-mug.jpgMarcus Ryan

A former Obama campaigner helps neighbors find talented green workers to make their homes climate-friendly.


Lorelei-Scarbro-mug.jpgLorelei Scarbro

An Appalachian grandmother says no to coal, yes to wind power.



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