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I have great news for you.

For years, in surveys, focus groups, and conversations, you, our readers, have told us that you love YES! Magazine, and you like seeing the world through the YES! lens, but you want to get that perspective far more often. We have heard you.

I’m delighted to announce we are now offering what you’ve been asking for. Under Executive Editor Sarah van Gelder’s direction, we’re complementing your quarterly magazine with an online “YES! take” on the news every day. Now you can get the YES! perspective in real time, as news breaks and new possibilities emerge.

Don’t have time to visit our website every day? Then sign up for our new free weekly email highlighting our best stories each week.That will keep you up on our fresh daily news, commentary, videos, photo essays, and podcasts on five of the biggest topics of our time:

Planet. We are focusing particularly on the urgent issue of climate change. We bring you news of the social movements, policies, local actions, and lifestyle changes that offer us all the most hope. You can also find tips on green living and news on what is happening with water conservation, sustainable food systems, and the development of more walkable, liveable cities and towns.

New Economy. We know the Wall-Street-based economy is not serving us well, but what’s the alternative? YES! is where you find the people creating the new economy. You’ll get David Korten’s latest insights, and news of the thriving co-op movement, innovations in how we measure progress, the “go local” phenomenon, green jobs, and ways to reinvent our money system.

Peace and Justice. Despite the ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other hot spots, this is an exciting time for progress in peace. At, you’ll find news on nuclear disarmament, non-violent movements against oppression, and progress in building a peaceful, post-empire world. The YES! coverage links prospects for peace, at home and abroad, with the requirements for justice and healing. So you’ll find stories on alternatives to prison, healing from violence-induced trauma, securing human rights, and indigenous leadership.

People Power. How do “we the people” get a say, especially in a world so dominated by corporate interests? YES! is covering efforts to pry the media loose from the control of the media giants, news of the best innovations for clean and fair elections, and grassroots victories for policies and programs that benefit everyone.

Happiness. Real happiness doesn’t have to cost the planet. As evidenced in our “happiness” issue of YES!, we bring you stories of community building, family life, spiritual insights, the arts, and other practical steps people are taking to live the good life while living lightly on the Earth.

You asked for it, you got it: A view each day through the YES! lens of powerful ideas and practical actions that can transform our world. We place all our articles in the “Creative Commons” so you can spread YES! stories widely without worrying about copyright. If you blog, use Facebook or Twitter, or maintain an email list, repost our articles—just credit us and link back to our site. Or send a friend a link to an article that struck a chord with you.

Reaching out to others is an important part of shifting our culture toward sustainability, justice, and compassion.

In this fluid time of change, the story we carry in our heads about what is possible determines a lot about what actually happens. That’s why we’re eager to provide you with evidence every day of the positive possibilities emerging on every front. Thank you for being part of creating the new stories that can help us all make the transition to a vibrant, healthy world.


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