The Page That Counts :: Winter 2010


Number of people who walked past renowned violinist Joshua Bell as he played in a Washington, D.C., Metro station: 1,097

Total haul for his 43 minutes playing six classical pieces: $32.17

Price of a “merely pretty good” seat for Bell’s Boston Symphony concert three days before: $100 [1]



Number of personal care products the average consumer uses daily: 9

Number of unique chemical ingredients consumers are exposed to in those products: 126 [2]



Number of articles on Wikipedia: 13 million+

Number of languages used in Wikipedia articles: 260+

Percentage of Wikipedia articles in languages other than English: 78 [3]



mushroom2.jpgArea, in acres, of a single Armillaria ostoyae (Honey Mushroom) mycelium in Eastern Oregon, the world’s largest living organism: 2,200 [4]

Weight, in pounds, of a single clonal colony and root system of Populus tremuloides (Quaking Aspen) in Southern Utah, the world’s heaviest living organism: 14 million+ [5]



The average age Americans under 30 say old age begins: 60

The average age Americans 65 and older say old age begins: 74

The average age Americans say they want to live to: 89 [6]



Percentage of Americans in May 1993 who favored allowing openly gay people to serve in the military: 44

Percentage of Americans in July 2008 who favored allowing openly gay people to serve in the military: 75 [7]



televisionset.jpgPercentage of all on-screen characters during the 2007-2008 TV season who were female, a historical high: 43

Percentage of characters in their 50s who were female: 30

Percentage of characters in their 60s who were female: 39

Percentage of all characters who were females 40 and older: 11 [8]



Approximate percentage of total U.S. health-care expenditures used for complementary and alternative medicine: 1.5

Percentage of U.S. adults who used some form of complementary and alternative medicine in 2007: 38.3 [9]

Percentage of South Korean adults who used some form of complementary and alternative medicine in 2006:  74.8 [10]



sodacan.jpgNumber of Boeing 747 jets that could be built with the aluminum cans thrown away by airlines in 2004: 58

Height in feet newspapers and magazines thrown away by airlines in 2004 would reach if stacked on a football field: 230 [11]

Percentage of the 425,000 tons of passenger-related waste airports and airlines recycle annually: less than 20 [12]


More Page That Counts

yellow fish
Fall 2009

Percentage of land protected worldwide as parks:  12.1
Percentage of ocean designated as marine protected areas:  0.7 


Nosepicking Chimp

Summer 2009

Approximate number of languages spoken in the world: 6,000
Number of languages that go extinct every year: 26




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