Climate First Responders :: Leading the Way

As U.S. leaders take half-measures or worse, youth, evangelicals, mayors, and others step into the void, changing the political climate on climate.
Youth Feel the Power

They have the most to lose, but they've got the energy to win.
By Shadia Fayne Wood

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Evangelicals & Climate Scientists

The genesis of an unlikely alliance.
By Calvin B. Dewitt

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Mayors Stand Up

Cities lead where the federal government fears to tread.
By Madeline Ostrander

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Green Jobs for All

People left out of the fossil-fuel economy stand tall in the green economy.
By Ian Kim

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Communities in Transition

Less carbon—more skills and connection. How neighbors are coming together to create post-carbon communities.
By Doug Pibel

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Unions, Churches & Schools

The grassroots power to make a green transition.
By Doug Pibel

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