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spacer From the producers of Argentina: Hope in Hard Times, comes a new film that re-visits worker-run factories, and talks with journalists, economists, and unemployed workers. Argentina: Turning Around provides an intimate view of the new models of work, politics and community development that are now underway, as people re-invent their society to offer a better life for all.

Turning Around undertakes the all-too-often neglected task of reexamining social change once the headlines have faded. An inspiring follow-up to the 2002 film Argentina: Hope in Hard Times, Turning Around captures the insight of workers, movement leaders, academics, and journalists who lived and led Argentina’s struggle to rebuild after the 2001-02 financial crisis.

Turning Around shows the informal experiments—born out of necessity—that evolve into thriving new people-centric models of business, agriculture, education, and community building, capturing Argentina’s story of hope, struggle, and transformation. —Tanya Dawkins

The film is directed by Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young and produced by Moving Images Video Project.

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