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Hip Hop Creating Change

I loved the “Liberate Your Space” issue and recommended it to folks who want to respond to the Democratic National Convention when it comes to Denver. I connected particularly with “Hip Hop: Voice of the Voiceless.” I’ve discovered the most amazing
Hip Hop hybrid band here—the Flobots. They have incredible political lyrics that, like YES!, highlight the change we need to make, and reassure us that we have power to create that change.

— Sarah Gill, Denver, CO

Our Common Skies

Your article “Protecting Our Commons” in the corporations issue (Fall 2007) discusses water, forests, even cyberspace, but not air. Corporate smokestacks foul the atmosphere, and we all end up breathing their pollution. Corporations externalize their costs while humans and other creatures directly internalize their emissions. I would have liked to see more about what communities are doing to address air quality problems caused by industry.

— Maxine Centala, Concerned Citizens for Clean Air, Seal Rock, OR

The Power of Peace

Sometimes we need to analyze a painful situation, such as the effectiveness of the anti-war movement. If political candidates knew the peace movement could deliver votes, I think they would be stronger in their opposition to the war. In thinking about peace, it is important to keep a balance between living the revolution we believe in and acting to change government policy.Both can feed each other, but alone I don’t think they work.

— Robin Wilson, West Virginia Citizen Action Group, Charleston, WV

Help Save Paper

I love your magazine, but I’m concerned about the numerous subscription insert cards. If people want to subscribe to a magazine these days, it’s just a click away, and no trees are harmed. —Cat Thompson,

We prefer doing business online, since it saves paper, time, and money. But we’d miss many readers if we didn’t use any paper, and insert cards require less paper than direct mail. You can help by passing those cards on to friends. You can also renew online at and give us your email address at check-out for future “paper-free” renewals. You’ll save paper (and get our best rates) by renewing early and for two to three years at a time.

— Rod Arakaki, YES! Business Manager

Saving Public Parks

I just read the editor’s column in the “Liberate Your Space” issue. You so understand what we are doing! Instead of saying no to a road, we have been saying yes to our park and our community. Our next revolutionary act is bulb planting. So far over 300 bulbs have been planted in the park. It will be a glorious spring.

— Debbi Lester, Ericksen Neighbors, Bainbridge Island, WA

YES! Climate Change Advisers

We would like to thank the following individuals for providing technical assistance with the climate change special issue: Marcia B. Baker, Ph.D., University of Washington, Yoram Bauman, Ph.D., University of Washington, Eric de Place, Sightline Institute, Simon Donner, Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Blair Henry, J.D., Northwest Council on Climate Change, Michael Lazarus, Stockholm Environment Institute, Phil -Mitchell, Greater Seattle Climate Dialogues, Chad Monfreda, Arizona State University, Julie Vano, University of Washington, Clark Williams-Derry, Sightline Institute, David Zaks, University of Wisconsin-Madison. YES! takes sole responsibility for errors and inaccuracies.

Your Own Climate Solutions

Our December online newsletter asked readers this question:
“What carbon-reducing steps have you taken that give you the most pleasure?” Here are some of your answers.


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