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Stop Global Warming Cold

NASA climate scientist Jim Hansen says we have 10 years to turn global warming trends around. The question now is what can we do—that is up to the scale of the crisis?
This issue of YES! shows that solutions are within reach.

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Solar cells being carried to a Himalayan village. Photo by Barefoot Photographers.
Editor's Introduction
Welcome to a different planet.
Quote Page: Lester Brown

Photo of McKibben
First Step Up
Some just talk about the weather. Bill McKibben shows what we can do about it.
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Life in a Post-Carbon World
Climate-friendly options and down-to-earth solutions are here and ready to go.


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2 Degrees from Disaster
What it means to avert the worst case—by the numbers.

The Greenpeace bear huges a little girl on Kuta beach, Bali 02 December 2007. Politicians are arriving in Bali from across the world for the UN Climate Change Conference from the 3-14 December 2007. Photo by Paul Hilton for Greenpeace.
We Are In It Together
Rich and poor countries met in Bali and decided to give global fairness a chance.
Youth at Power Shift 2007. Photo by Shadia Fayne Wood
Leading the Way
The people out in front changing the political climate on, well, climate.


Image of the sky. Photo by Davis Ayer
Your Piece of the Sky
Who should own the sky? How to get carbon capping right.

YES! Magazine graphic of lightbulb
Beyond Lightbulbs
Heating, cooling, getting to work. You
can have it all, minus the carbon.
Treehug. Photo by Brian Hamilton,
The Greatest Danger
Joanna Macy says: "If you're not terrified, you're not paying attention. But don't get stuck there."


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Just the Facts
Who's responsible, who wants to step up, and what we know about climate change.
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13 Best Energy Ideas
Policies and technologies that can make our grid clean.
Image of the Earth. Logo of The Climate Project
Resource Guide
Some of the best science plus the most powerful actions available.


What's Possible in a Post-Carbon World…
Image of San Francisco Federal Building. Photo by Tim Haley,
Carbon-neutral homes and elegant towers.
Wind Turbines
Sun or coal, wind or nukes? You vote.
Electric Car
Feet, bikes, buses,
& an all-electric fleet.
Image of Cow. Photo by Dagmar Nelson,
Food & Forests
Changes from the ground up.


Rooftop Solar hot water tanks in Kunming, China. Photo by Even Rogers Pay
China Goes Climate Cool
What you aren't hearing about China's climate commitments.
Logo of SOS Yasuni campaign,
Forests & People
Ecuador to protect forests and preserve equity.
Chevy plug-in car. Photo Wikimedia commons
Secret Life of Plug-Ins
… and how to help them hit the road without political detours.


Jason Rutledge from Healing Harvest Forest Foundation with draft horses. Photo courtesy of Roanoke Times
Sustainable Appalachia
A depressed region discovers the power of going green.
Also… Draft horses in forestry
Hand holding Algae
The Amazing Power of Green Slime
Algae absorbs CO2 and can be used as a biofuel.
Hand holding Terra Preta
Terra Preta, a Solution Buried in the Dirt
How to keep carbon out of the atmosphere for centuries.


Women being trained as Solar Engineers at the Barefoot College of Tilona. Photo by Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia.
Solar goes Barefoot
The Barefoot College trains community solar engineers. See Photoessay and video.
Image of Lummi Island Wild Co-op's first solar powered fishing vessel. Photo by Rod Del Pozo,
Let The Sun Shine In
… and some wind too: renewables+efficiency can end our dependence on oil.
YES discussion guide
Discussion Guide
Conversation starters and action ideas for saving the climate.
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