2008 Climate Convergences

UK Climate Camp in Kent. The camp was fun for the whole family—a great place for a summer holiday with the kids.
Photo by Mike Russell

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Between July 10th and August 24th seven climate convergences, confluences, and camps took place in Canada, the United States, Australia and Germany. Affiliated events are planned for 2009 in South America, New Zealand, Russia, and additional European countries as the movement for grassroots climate solutions and resistance to corporate dominated climate negotiations proliferates around the global.

  • Climate Camp Australia (July 10th – July 15th): About 1000 people came to blockade one of the two rail lines into the world's biggest coal port at Newcastle, on the mass day of action of Climate Camp Australia. The protesters succeeded in shutting down coal trains on the line for the whole day.

  • Coburg, OR (July 28th - August 4th): Over 400 people gathered on a farm in Coburg, Oregon for workshops covering issues from the role of the fossil fuel industry in human rights abuses to growing vegetables year-round. The week led up to a day of civil disobedience on August 4th, where street theater, rallies, banner hangs and lock-downs targeted Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) development in the Pacific Northwest and the Interstate highway expansion.

  • Northeast Climate Confluence, NY (July 30th – August 3rd): The Northeast Climate Confluence in upstate New York brought together a wide range of people from different communities to develop an anti-colonial response to climate change and other related crises. Issues discussed ranged from the international food crisis to ending the Israeli colonization of Palestine. The Confluence sparked projects for community self-sufficiency and an emerging northeast grassroots disaster response network.

  • Southeast Convergence for Climate Action, VA (August 5th - 11th): The Southeast Convergence for Climate Action in Louisa County Virginia gathered anti-nuclear activists, students, farmers, and people fighting mountain top removal in the thick of the Appalachian coalfields to learn, share stories, and strategize for an end the extraction and burning of fossil fuels and the use of nuclear energy. The gathering ended with a march around downtown Richmond that visited various climate-wrecking corporations with civil disobedience.

  • Campement Autogéré, Québec (August 8th – 24th): The Campement Autogéré in Québec brought together 70 people to in opposition to the Rabaska LNG terminal project. Actions took place in Quebec City as well as the city of Lévis, where the LNG project is planned.

  • Klimacamp, Germany (August 15th – 24th): Around 1500 people participated in the German Klimacamp. Beyond the dozens of presentations and workshops, actions targeted nuclear waste, local energy companies and Archer Daniels Midland’s development of biodiesel from destructive industrial soy and oil palm farms built on top of rainforests.

  • UK Climate Camp (Augsut 4th - 11th): Over 1500 people from all walks of life converged in the Kent countryside, just one-hour southeast of London by train, to rally against climate change in a demonstration of collective, sustainable living and creative direct action. Read more …

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