Just Say YES!

"W hat a splendid magazine. How come I've never heard of it?" Countless times I've watched acquaintances leaf through a copy of YES!, marvel at its quality and unique content, and then wonder aloud why they've never come across it before. Perhaps you've had the same experience.

I love that reaction - it tells me we're doing something right and that we've got lots of work to do. So while editors Sarah van Gelder and Tracy Rysavy scan the world for ideas and actions that lead to a more just, sustainable, and compassionate future, the rest of us are working on letting people know about this fabulous source of inspiration.

Our plan is to double our circulation within the next two years. We currently print 14,000 copies of each issue of the magazine, reaching about 35,000 people. Within two years we expect to reach 70,000. Ambitious? With your help, we can do it.

Many of you already give gift subscriptions. That's a wonderful, personal way to spread the word about YES! We often hear from those given a subscription to YES! how delighted they are that their friend or relative introduced them to the magazine. Do consider it this Christmas - and beyond. You'll find gift subscription cards in the insert in this issue. Send it in with a payment, and we'll send a gift card to your friend in time for the holidays.

More than 100 libraries currently carry YES! and we're eager to expand that number dramatically. Folio magazine says the most important factor causing a library to subscribe to a magazine is one of their regular users asking them to carry it. Hey, people power is alive!

So consider telling your library you'd like them to carry YES! - a single subscription can then reach many people who otherwise would not have access to it. Our two PFN volunteer Area Representatives for Seattle - Robin Veleuce and Judy Cadman - are currently mounting a special effort to get us into all the Seattle area libraries.

We also want to be far more available in retail outlets (many people complain they can't find us when they want a copy). One of our fall interns, Betsy Nuse - who works in a bookstore in Duncan, British Columbia - together with staff member Vicki Johnson are working with distributors to get YES! more widely available in bookstores, food co-ops, health food stores, and other retail outlets.

You can help on this campaign too - if you've got a favorite store that would be a good outlet for YES!, show them a copy and tell them you think this is something their customers would like. If you want to take it another step, ask who delivers their magazines (their distributor), and let us along with the name and address of the store. We can follow up.

Our Web site is another source of subscriptions and connections. Tell your surfer friends to check us out at www.futurenet.org and to hit the subscribe button while they're there. Your enthusiasm is our most important source for spreading the YES! message of realism and hope in this time of critical transitions. We thank you warmly for all the past support and look forward to your being part of our current campaign to double our circulation.

Comings and goings
I'm delighted to tell you that Audrey Watson has joined us as Marketing and Outreach Manager. Audrey, who will manage our circulation expansion campaign, brings a rich background, both as a marketing manager at Microsoft and in her work with the United Way and Lutheran Social Services. Audrey has been a YES! subscriber and supporter since issue #1 and is a neighbor of Sarah's at Winslow Cohousing. She replaces Vince Matulionus who, over the past year, has helped bring us to a whole new level of effectiveness in spreading the word about YES!

Our three other fall interns have come to us from California and Minnesota. Sara Prout, who brings a background in sustainable agriculture, is serving as my assistant. Shannon Service, who just returned from an around-the-world scholarship program looking at the effects of economic globalization, is an editorial intern along with Leslie Atkins, a Carleton College graduate with experience in sustainable agriculture and wilderness protection, are our editorial interns. We're blessed to have such hard working, committed, and talented people join our efforts. Our summer interns Amy Leu and Mark Charette have returned to the University of California at Santa Cruz and Swarthmore respectively; Kari Thorene is an administrative assistant in Seattle, and Jeff Shaw is now a reporter at a local area newspaper. Jeff has agreed to continue to tend our Web site, which he did so much to enrich during his summer internship.

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