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Winter 1998-99

Universal Education
By John Taylor Gatto
A former New York Teacher of the Year says real education is about learning wisdom, self-reliance, culture, and leadership, not fitting kids into the economy's pigeonholes

Beyond Ecophobia

By David Sobel
Instead of scaring kids with tales of eco-destruction, educators can build on a child's love of nature, sense of adventure, and emerging social consciousness

INNOVATION: Adopt a Watershed
By Mark Charette.

Breaking Ground
by David Orr
A new classroom building opens students' imaginations to the possibilities of a sustainable future.

Dinosaur Homeschool
By Donna Nichols-White
An African-American family chooses home-schooling over allowing their sons to become "endangered Black males"

The Albany Free School
By Chris Mercogliano
A three year-old fireball tests the limits of a student-centered free school
INNOVATION: Community Learning Centers
By Dee Dickinson.

Computers in Schools
By Lowell Monke
A careful look at what computers can - and can't do for us

INNOVATION: Diversity Quilt
By Kari Thorene.

INNOVATION: You Can't Say, "You Can't Play"
By Tracy Rysavy.

Music of the (Hemi)Spheres
By Richard Heinberg
Music, rhythm, and movement open doorways to intuitive learninggand integrated intelligence

INNOVATION: Finding a Voice
By Rachel Pruitt.

101 Ways to Get Educated
By YES! editors and advisors
A tuition-free guide to real world education

Resource Guide
Organizations, books, curriculum, ideas, tools, and resources

Heart & Soul

Integral Life; Integral Teacher
An interview with Parker Palmer
The ripple effects of choosing to live, teach, and work "divided-no-more"

Arts & Media

Smoke Signals
by N. Bird Runningwater
The movie Smoke Signals may be just an early sign that Native Americans are taking back the telling of their stories

Y2K- Ready or Not
by William Bole
If the Y2K millennium computer glitch causes a breakdown in society, some communities will be prepared

Urban Courage
by Linda Wolf
Former gang members turn a dump site ourside Mexicon City into a center where young people can build livelihoods and a sense of community


Letter from the Editor

Readers' Forum


The Page that Counts

YES! ...but How?
Annie Berthold-Bond & Doug Pibel explain how to start a car-sharing co-op, and make nontoxic goop, finger paint, and lip balm.

In Review
~ The Ownership Solution
~ How Wal-Mart is Destroying America
~ Do They Hear You When You Cry?
~ Letter from the End of the 20th Century
~ The Greening of the North

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