Election 2008

Based on the recommendations of leading voting integrity advocates, the staff at YES! put together simple ways you can protect your own vote and the fairness of the system.

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Safeguard the Vote


:: VOTE and make them count your vote.

:: ACT to protect the integrity of the vote in this election.

:: LEARN MORE about the threats—and the solutions.

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12 Ways You Can
Safeguard the Vote

Read our checklist for protecting your vote in this election.


VOTE :: And make sure your vote is counted.

WAGES coop members. Photo by Irene Florez
Are you registered?
Check at www.CanIVote.org
or see the Legal Guide for Student Voters.

Can you vote early?
On your cell phone, text HOWTOVOTE & your state's 2-letter code to 41411
or check online at www.knowhowtovote.us

Where is your polling place?
Vote411.org or use

electronic voting machine
Practice Voting
Voting on an electronic voting machine can be confusing. Verified Voting's map shows what voting equipment you'll be voting on, and the organization is preparing video tutorials for each voting machine.

Avoid Straight Party Voting
Vote for each and every race individually, even if it takes a little longer. Some experts say Straight Party Voting is dangerously error-prone.

spacer Our Vote hotline
Document and Report
Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to report any problems you witness.

Video the election process in your community and upload your footage for the world to see at www.videothevote.org

Twitter about your voting experience @votereport.

Publish to the Election Protection Wiki, a one-stop shop for reports of voter suppression.

Don't just go home, if you or others have problems with the machines. Stay at the polling place, so that if your numbers grow, the media will see you.

ACT :: Help protect the integrity of the vote in our elections.

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Be a Poll Worker
Protect democracy and get paid—sign up to work the polls on Election Day. You can do so at Pollworkers for Democracy.

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Be a Poll Watcher
Join a poll watching group of the party of your choice or create your own with this poll watching guide.

ElectionAudits.org logo
Mandatory Election Audits
Help make routine audits mandatory and divorced from political considerations. Find out more at electionaudits.org.
Vote Trust USA logo
Vote Trust USA
Stay informed about voting integrity issues with rapid updates from this national organization working for election reform.

Verified Voting map
Verified Voting
Help turn the whole map green with two basic laws: voter-verified paper records and mandatory manual audits of those records.

Brennan Center for Justice logo
Brennan Center for Justice
Bad ballots don't just happen—they're designed. Learn more at the Better Ballots Action Project.

Hit Play to watch the We've got the Power segment.

Live From Main Street offers a virtual town hall meeting on voting issues:

As Goes Ohio: Voter suppression and protection in Ohio and other battleground states.

The Battle for the Vote: The fight to register voters in battleground states.

High Tech Voting: Technology for a clean election, and how you can be prepared on election day.

We've got the Power: Latest efforts to combat voter disenfranchisement, voting machine fraud, and how not to get turned away at the polls.

LEARN MORE :: What are the threats to our elections—and what are the solutions?

Acorn Organizers
How to Stop the Rigging of Election ’08
by Sarah van Gelder
The ACORN issue is a smokescreen designed to cover the much more serious issue of voter suppression, aimed at poor and minority neighborhoods, and young people.
Common Cause report: Voting in 2008: Ten Swing States
Ten Swing States in '08
by Common Cause and the Century Foundation
A close look at voting preparedness in 10 swing states. Common Cause has launched a Protect the Vote campaign based on the findings of this report.
Laura Flanders, photo courtesy Live from Main Street
Protecting the Vote
by Laura Flanders
Election protection and voting rights should be central to any conversation about the '08 vote.
Stephen Spoonamore, Cyber Security Expert
How the GOP Wired Ohio's 2004 Vote Count for Bush to Win
by Stephen Rosenfeld
What are the risks of vote manipulation in the transmission from voter precinct to secretaries of state?
Doug Griswold,KRT/YES! Magazine graphic
How Safe Is Your Ballot?
by Greg Palast
In the 2004 election, more than 3 million ballots were never counted. Palast explains where they went.

:: More investigative reporting on voting problems at gregpalast.com
electronic voting comic, copyright HallToons.com
Safeguarding the Vote
by Doug Pibel
Computer professionals were already sounding the alarm in 2003: paperless voting may result in massive error, fraud, or worse.
What Americans Want, Our Own Agenda
What Americans Want :: Election Reform
by Sarah van Gelder
66% of Americans believe intentional acts are likely to cause significant voting machine errors.
Getting Corporations Out of Government and Elections
by Charlie Cray
7 hot spots where activists are getting corporations out of government and elections.
Instant Runoff Voting ballot, wikimedia
Instant Runoff Success
by Elle McPherson
Instant runoff elects Vermont mayor.

:: more Instant Runoff Voting
Electoral College
Backing the Popular Vote
by Noah Grant
A movement makes the popular vote decisive, rather than the Electoral College vote.
Mark Ritchie
Vote Hope 2008
Mark Ritchie

by Sarah van Gelder
Where are the opportunities for real change in the 2008 election? MN Secretary of State Mark Ritchie on Election Reform.

Rev. Lennox Yearwood
Vote Hope 2008
Rev. Lennox Yearwood

by Sarah van Gelder
The vote of the dream generation. Rev. Yearwood and the Hip Hop Caucus.

audio iconListen to the interview