The Page That Counts :: Summer 2003

Amount of veterans' benefits the House Budget Committee cut in March: $28 billion over next 10 years1

Percent of veterans who will lose their only source of medical care: 502

Amount both George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein paid for the same handmade shoes from the Italian shoemaker Vito Artioli: $9753

Amount of plastic sheeting a man in Connecticut used to cover his entire house to protect against a

biological or chemical terrorist attack: 3,500 square feet4

Amount of time George W. Bush was absent without leave in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War: about 1 year5

Estimated number of American servicemembers who were killed in Vietnam in 1972, the year Bush was

missing from duty: 5376

Number of marriages that take place in the United States per day: 6,4007

Amount the average American bride and groom spend on their wedding: $22,0008

Number of divorces in the United States per day: 2,7009

Percent by which the number of divorces in the Bible Belt exceeds the national average: 5010

Average amount of time Americans spend having sex per day: 4 minutes

Average amount of time Americans save per day by using a microwave: 4 minutes11

Number of Israeli army reservists who have refused to serve in the occupied territories: more than 1,00012

Amount Israel spends on its military: $8.9 billion13

Amount of the budget, mainly from social services, Israel's cabinet voted to cut to offset a budget deficit: $1.8 billion14

Number of people who will lose their health insurance as a result of the budget cuts: 150,00015

Number of emergency foreign intelligence warrants, which includes telephone wiretapping, that Attorney General Ashcroft has personally signed since 2002: 170

Number signed in the preceding 23 years: 4716

Year that Ashcroft released his CD Gospel (Music) According to John: 199517

Number of days after Leonard Rojas' execution that the Texas Supreme Court found Rojas' lawyer

incompetent: 68

Number of times Rojas' lawyer, David K. Chapman, had handled a death-penalty case: 0

Number of times his license had been suspended from the Texas bar: 318

Average height of an American man in 1876: 5'5”

Average height of an American man today: 5'9”19

Number of inches taller a person is while sleeping at night than during the day: 1/420


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