In Review :: YES! Music Picks - Jackson Browne, Asa, Mary Gauthier

Musical inspiration while putting out the Spring 2009 issue

Time the Conqueror CD cover
Asa CD cover
Mercy Now CD cover

Time the Conqueror

Old soul Jackson Browne bears down on the world today. His new album asks us to learn from the past (“Giving That Heaven Away”), pay attention to our present (the provocative “Drums of War” and “Where Were You,” a 10-minute reminder of the dark days of Hurricane Katrina), and live for a better future (“Far from the Arms of Hunger”).

Going Down to Cuba, by Jackson Browne.




Nigerian guitarist Asa grew up listening to Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, and Bob Marley, and now brings her own smoky voice to songs on injustice (“Jailer”), the uncertainties of life (“No One Knows”), the state of society (“Fire on the Mountain”). Mainly in English, with some Yoruba.

Bi'ban Ké, by Asa.
Fire On the Mountain, by Asa.



Mercy Now

Mary Gauthier’s lyrics cut like those of poet/songwriter Leonard Cohen. In the title track, she pleads for mercy for her father and brother, but also for church, country, and “every living thing.” A soundtrack for the ’00s.

Mercy Now, by Mary Gauthier.

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